Our Services

  • International Business Consultancy

    We research project possibilities for importing or exporting any product and show the different options for the successful development of your project.

    International Business Consultancy

    We research project possibilities for importing or exporting any product and show the different options for the development of your project through SWOT and PESTLE diagnostics.

    It includes specific market research, competence, price, marketing, customs, logistics and more. All in one single International Business Intelligence document which you can take anywhere.

    We carry out studies on specific market sectors, segments and target audiences to determine the best marketing channel and the create a route map to follow up for the best product introduction.

    After detecting and knowing the target market for your product we support you regarding all administrative logistics and fiscal issues on the project through companies member of the group specialized in their field with years of experience.

    Not only we tell you the best way to carry out the project to minimize risks, but also we help you materialize the project in question in a real way.

    We include the biggest and most complete range of services for our customers to minimize costs and maximize potential of the project, while maintaining complete control of it from a command center.

    We developed our own OUTSOURCING model (BIO) to develop your sales abroad.

    Our team is trained in various areas of expertise required in each project having specialists in international trade, tax administration, international business, customs, transportation, psychology and marketing, communications, ecology and environment and others who are always in continuous academic training to maximize the added value of their services.

    One of our characteristics is that we can provide advice / consultancy until the point that our cusomers need through all stages: research, negotiation, development, reengineering, implementation and control.

  • Training

    Specific training for managers and staff level on issues related to business and international trade in preparation for export / import. We are STPS external trainers for individual or group courses under the scheme of competency skills development.


    We offer specialized training in diverse but related to trade and international business issues through various experts. We travel anywhere to offer an in situm experience where the attendies can have direct and actual practices to complete a good learning.

    The transmitted knowledge is always based on the experience of trainers who have a successful track record in their field. We have provided courses to private companies, government and higher education institutions.

    We have our own Online Training Platform. (CLICK HERE)

    We are external trainers from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) to develop specific skills and train teams.

    We also provide specific conferences and workshops to foreign companies and institutions who want a better understanding of the Mexican market.

    Our team has extensive experience in teaching as well as professional practice and is ready to provide conferences and training from 1 person to whole groups of hundreds.

  • Representation

    We offer a modern model developed by us through the experience in order to become the business representative office in Mexico that your company needs to start doing business in this country by reducing costs and having trained staff.


    A representative office is the simplest and fastest way in which a foreign company can establish a direct presence in Mexico.

    This is an initiative with relatively low risk when compared to other market access services. It allows a certain level of control of business activities in Mexico through the recruitment of specialized staff under international outsourcing model.

    It is often the first step for foreign companies to start operations on a large scale in a country.

    For foreign companies seeking sales in the Mexican market, an RO allows them to become familiar with the market, particularly in terms of demand for its services and the exact needs of local customers, a better understanding of operations in Mexico, including costs, supply, laws and regulations, as well as the usual market practice, etc. The RO will also allow foreign companies to promote their brand and initiate the development of key trade relationships, selection and initial contact with potential customers for marketing purposes as well.

    On many occasions a company can make many business contacts on international fairs and exhibitions or via the internet, but for cultural, language, time zones or any other barrier business are not closed because the company does not have specialized personnel in the country for this matter, which would represent a high cost in an initial stage of approach and promotion of the company and its products or services.


    With over 15 years experience in international trade and business consultancy, Enlace Corporativo recognizes the current needs of international businesses and has created a shared business model that offers the following advantages:

    Analysis of the companys products´ portfolio and its adjustment to the Mexican market with a competition analysis.
    Complete final end customer prices including taxes and intermediaries for better competitiveness.
    Structural Logistics Analysis
    Search and discovery of the best import / distribution channel in Mexico according to products and targets.
    Sugerencias de etiquetado adecuados a Normas Oficiales Mexicanas para importación
    Business culture suggestions and legal documents in Mexico
    Research and development of suppliers and experts needed for the project.
    Route map development to improve decision making processes easier.
    Research, alysis and selection of potential customers to beggin negotiations.
    Analysis and selection of previously contacte customers to follow up on negotiations.
    Contact with potential customers to get a closer realtion on behalf of the foreing company.
    Follow up on negotiations in order to know marketing and sales feedback.
    Import and distribution processes administration.among others.....

  • Customs and International Logistics

    We make available to our customers the full capacity of specialized customs agents in various branches of industry and located in each Mexican port.

    Customs and International Logistics

    Aware of the need each customer has regarding administrative management and proper tax information when importing or exporting goods, we make available to our customers the full capacity of customs agents specialized in various branches of industry and located in each Mexican port.

    We have preferential rates and personal service to meet the needs of its cargo regardless of the destination. We have special rates when hiring a Business Intelligence Outsourcing model along with the customs and logistics area integrating complete solutions. under a single label through strategic alliances.

    To provide this service we have the support of one of the best customs agencies in Mexico with offices in the Mexico City International Airport as well as in the ports of Veracruz and Manzanillo supplying quality services for both import and export.

    Transport logistics is a key element in any international business transaction because it can not only reduce costs but time and effort if you have a team that can foresee and anticipate problems under a comprehensive planning.

    We can offer an integrated solution with the customs and tax matters for you just to focus on producing. Leave the rest in the hands of a reliable expert team in the field.

    Through our strategic alliances, we have offered this service for several transporting cargo from our customers.

    To meet the requirements of any international project we have the support of various logistics operators in Mexico which supply competitive services and pricing.


    These services will help create / sharpen the strategic planning of any organization to improve decision-making and successfully see proposed projects done.

    The results are noticeable from the first month


    Coaching is a dialogic methodology based on questions in a series of steps and specific methodology in strategic planning with the main objective to assist the orgnaization managers/owners´ to find and clarify answers about their business performance with the intention of achieving better decision making and therefore the course of his business project.

     Mentoring is a tool to develop the potential of people, based on knowledge transfer and learning through experience, all within a predominantly intuitive process in which a personal, trusting relationship is established between MENTOR who guides, encourages, challenges and encourages other according to their needs to the best of their professional level.

    In both cases the processes of coaching and mentoring are brought together like never before through a methodology based on the experience of over 15 years in strategic planning and business training Enlace Corporativo has developed being one of our key services with the highest demand.

    Services may be in person or virtual although in most cases we merge the two experiences as part of this process by providing direct access to our online training platform iCampus, which contains exclusive and additional material for our trainees to complete an entire course given as an added value. These processes can be taken individually or as a group depending on the needs.

     One of the biggest and main benefits of these processes is that the results are noticeable from the first sessions and from the first month a change in the organization becomes fully evident since the focus of trained managers changes radically having better focus from the starting point. This service can be adapted for for managers or entrepreneurs.

  • Commercialization

    Enlace Corporativo is a "Global Sourcing Agency (GSA)" in several trade fairs and exhibitions worldwide where we bring innovative and good quality products to Mexico.


    To complete the circle of trade, we offer the ability to support our customers in the marketing of various products to be imported / exported taking full control of projects.

    Besides that, Enlace Corporativo represents, imports and distributes a whole gamma of specialized products in Mexico .

    Enlace Corporativo is a "Global Sourcing Agency (GSA)" in several fairs and exhibitions worldwide where we bring innovative and good quality products to Mexico.

    One of the most demandes activities over the years at Enlace Corporativo is to link buyers and sellers to generate agregated value businesses. The way to do this is through 3 formats: Broker, representative agent and / or importer. In any of these figures we want our customers to reach their target market under the best possible distribution channel.

    We travel through the world interlacing markets and seeking sustainable business opportunities that can contribute to better business development in the long term.

    Our main market segments are: Food, Beverage, Health and Beauty, but we are always open to new segments and opportunities.

  • Outsourcing

    This self-created model gives our customers the information they need for better decision making and the necessary support of a multidisciplinary team aimed at opening a new international market.


    Enlace Corporativo has developed for many years systems, tools and models to develop efficient market research abroad supporting and linking three vital areas of every business:



    International trade

    Business intelligence is the set of strategies and tools focused on creation and management of knowledge by analyzing existing data in an organization or company in order to facilitate decision-making through simulation models and experience.

    Through BIO (Business Intelligence Outsourcing) our customers increase their sales abroad supported at all times by an expert group.

    The analogy we make of the word BIO with its etymological root indicates that this development outsourcing supports the "life" of the company to bring projects to new horizons and expand sales expectations and global positioning.

    Some of the points it covers are:

    Research the appropriate market for the product and competition analysis
    Research and analysis of prices
    Research and analysis of products
    Research and analysis of logistics
    Research and analysis of customs
    Research and analysis of potencial customers
    Business culture
    Suppliers suggestions
    Trade fairs and exhibitions suggestions
    PEST Analysis.
    SWOT Analysis
    Business Agenda*

  • Tax and administrative support

    These services are part of the integral concept of our group and are considered added values that strengthen international business.

    Tax and administrative support.

    Through a strategic alliance with experts on these issues, we support customers who need a tax and adminsitrative intelligence service to give their projects a clear objective and accurate operation.

    This is a service that perfectly complements the needs of any business requiring a business in Mexico or the world and to conduct international business and wants to review the tax or tax status in Mexico, as well as legal activities and contracts.

    To do the above we have a strategic alliance with one of the best companies in its field in Mexico that is part of the group and has been able to consolidate a good reputation thanks to its mission and values over the years helping many customers with these tasks within the Mexican Republic.

    These services are part of the integral concept of our group and are considered added values that strengthen international business.

  • International Networking

    Through our representative offices worldwide your company can internationalize. We currently have a presence in 8 countries and 3 continents and our family continues to grow.

    International Networking

    Through the years of experience our company has established a network of businesses around the world that we offer our customers.

    We have developed friends and partners with whom we share experiences and do business by doing what we do best: linking suppliers with buyers inorder to seek excellence on international trade.

    We attend at least 3 international trade shows a year in order to make sure we have the ultimate products to offer and the updated contacts to work with. This experience is passed to our customers.

    We use high technology to make more efficient the buying selling experience through an online store we use as a general showcase and worldwide portfolio aknowledging time differences around the globe.

    We also have offices directly in some countries (Italy, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Dubai and Taiwan) that provide the same services in those countries as we do in Mexico.

    By being able to have allies in other countries the internationalization of our customers is a reality.